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3 in 1 Artisanal Pouch

Unique and exclusive 3 in 1 “Artisanal Pouch” by Cangiari for Artisanal Cornucopia. Cangiari is Calabria based- their idea keeps in mind organic cotton and the preservation of old ways of making textiles.

Wrap Dress, Jacard

Intended to be dressed up or down. Ready to go and can we worn with sneakers and stilettos alike. Handmade exclusively by Artisanal Cornucopia. Made in Italy. Limited number, one of eight.

Poodle Dress, Red

Inspired by the elegance of the 50s, a time goneby. Couture handmade dress exclusively designed by Artisanal Cornucopia. Made it Italy. Limited number, one of seven.

Pomegranate Ceramic Cup

Hand painted in Italy with love. Pomegranates traditionally are a symbol of abundance and fertility. These are one of a kind and exclusively handmade by ceramic artist and Oursoul owner Valentina for Artisanal Cornucopia. Sold individually.


Elif Sallorenzo Sallorenzo is the founder of Artisanal Cornucopia (Via dell’Oca, 38). Elif Sallorenzo, Photo by Melissa Biggs Bradley How long have you had your shop and can you describe what makes it unique? Is there a particular style or product that you think best represents your work? The keyword is artisan-made. Artisanal Cornucopia (AC) opened […]